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What does the move to Gitmo accomplish?

It’s unbelievable to me. Dangerous, expensive, wrong-headed. “Rejecting the central symbol of the Bush administration’s overt contempt for the rule of law.” ?? Now, that’s a great reason.
Guantánamo need not have become a recruiting tool for Al Qaeda, had the Bush administration not sought to exploit it as a law-free zone where it could hold people without hearings, subject them to torture and other abusive treatment…. David Cole, professor at Georgetown University Law Center

The Obama administration’s decision to transfer detainees into the U.S. accomplishes three things, none of them good…. Andrew McCarthy, former federal prosecutor

… the promise was made, and now they’re stuck. The administration has already delayed the closure of Guantánamo once. Other nations have been predictably reluctant to take on large numbers of these prisoners. And Congress has voted in overwhelming and bipartisan numbers to prevent the transfer of detainees into this country…. Dan Schnur, Director Jesse M. Unruh Institute of Politics, USC; former communications director for John McCain’s 2000 presidential campaign

The Obama administration letter announcing the plan to move Guantánamo detainees to a tiny Illinois town leaves much unanswered…. Diane Marie AMann, law professor, UC Davis.

The decision to send about 100 of Guantanamo’s remaining detainees to a prison in Illinois seems to me not so much wrong as just hopelessly muddled…. Kenneth Anderson, law professor, Washington College of Law, American University; research fellow, Hoover Institution.
Jo Egelhoff,